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The Power of Giving

When we invest in education, we invest in our future.  Education is the foundation that creates entrepreneurs, doctors, lawyers and other professions.  The support of the community through donations, can make a great impact and change the trajectory of a student who is falling behind.   

Our Students Need You

Studies have shown that underprivileged students  have the greatest risk of being taught by a teacher who is not qualified in the subject they are teaching; and they need the greatest amount of support.  Many of these students perform the lowest on state and college entrance exams and the lowest in reading and mathematics. Their schools often lack resources that will aid in a quality education, and classrooms in these areas are generally too full for students to obtain the individualized help needed.  Students in these areas often do not receive personalized tutoring services because most of the time, their families can not afford it. Tutoring Worxx believes that a choice education should be for all  and we need your help to make a difference.

Working on Math Problems
Teacher Helping Student
Teacher Helping Student

Donate Today

Your support can change the narrative for many.  All donations will be used to absorb the cost of a private tutor, and will help  students receive consistent, high quality, academic reinforcement so they increase  performance.  


Our students need you, our community needs you, our future needs you. 

To start making a difference, click on the donate button below and input the amount you choose.

Thank you for your generous giving. 

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